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Forum Rules || Read Before Posting!!

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Forum Rules || Read Before Posting!!

Post by Davidcit on Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:17 pm

What the different rules mean

The first rule, Keep it clean:
1. Explicit material, such as pornography, isn't allowed.
2. Insulting another user or acting immaturely isn't allowed.
3. Malicious actions, such as DDoSing, Black-Hat Hacking, or coding a malware isn't allowed.
4. Excessive cussing and insulting is most definitely not allowed.

The second rule, No hate:
1. No insulting users. Plain and simple.
2. No stealing and redistributing.
3. Be nice, in general, to as many people as you can.

Consequences for breaking the rules

First time or something small:
1. A simple warning message in your inbox.
2. Your post will be removed with a private message explaining why.

Second time or something decently bad:
1. You loose posting privileges for a day.
2. Your post gets removed.
3. You'll most likely be subject to a rep-fuck.

Third time or something really bad (Like a full out ten page fight):
1. You cannot post for one week.
2. The staff will rep-fuck you with bots.

Fourth time or threatening someone:
1. Ban
2. All of your posts will be deleted.

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